System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in January of 2021.  The owner of this 5th wheel attended several of my battery, inverter and solar presentations at rallies.  During the 2020 West Coast HDT Rally, he approached me about adding a system to his new (to him) trailer.  He wasn’t quite ready then, but knew he wanted a system in his trailer to allow him the ability to take extended boondocking trips.  Once he was ready, I proposed a system design and he accepted it.  When he arrived for the installation, I began taking things apart to make room for the new components.  During this process, I discovered a major issue.  This 5th wheel is an older Teton Homes model and while it has good bones, it had been neglected a bit before the current owner bought it.  When I pulled the sliding storage tray out of the basement to gain better access for the installation, I discovered a soft spot in the floor the owner was not aware existed.  The sliding tray rails spanned the soft spot and hid it from easy notice.  I pulled up the carpet to investigate further and found the floor was rotted out from an apparent old water leak.  The leak was no longer an issue, but the damage it caused was.  I had to change gears and fix the floor before I could, in good conscience, complete the planned installation.  It added a couple of days to the proposed installation schedule, but worked out best for the owner.  Luckily, the remaining installation of the system went off without any further issues.  The Teton had some unused, hidden space in the belly of the basement that made for a good installation location.  All the components were installed there and the owner did not loose any storage space as a result.  In fact, he gained storage space because the previous OEM battery compartment was no longer used for batteries and became available for storing other items.  The owner was also having some strange 120 volt electrical gremlins in the trailer prior to bringing it to me.  I was able to diagnose the cause of the problems and get them fixed.  The shore connection for this trailer was in a small narrow compartment.  The way the twist lock dog bone connecter the owner used to connect his shore cord fit in the compartment, it had to make an immediate hard 90 degree bend.  Over time, this cause the wires in the dog bone connecter to partially break internally and cause intermittent problems when connected to shore power.  I was able to diagnose the problem and find a solution that eliminated the dog bone connector and replaced it with a different style connector that no longer required a hard 90 degree bend in the cord.

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