System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in August of 2019.  There were some time constraints when I completed this installation and it had to be done in three days.  There was no infrastructure in place in the trailer I could build upon, so it was a complete ground up installation.  There was an existing Xantrex inverter, but it only powered a couple of direct wired outlets.  It had to be removed and those outlets were integrated back into the toy hauler’s 120 volt system.  I had predominantly installed Magnum systems prior to this installation.  This was my first experience with a complete Victron system.  I liked what Victron was officering though and after discussions with the owner of this toy hauler, we decided to go with a complete Victron system for their use.  I now predominantly recommend Victron systems, not because they are better than Magnum in quality but because they offer connectivity options Magnum does not.

Momentum 349