System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This up fit was completed in 2013.  This is my personal tow vehicle and has been a great set up for our travels.  This installation was part of a larger project which involved me re-working the passenger side cabinet in the sleeper of the truck to allow my wife to be able to recline her seat while we traveled.  When I bought the truck, I had the up fitter I bought it from take out the OEM cabinetry and lower bunk in the sleeper and replace it with custom cabinets, a couch and removeable table.  The up fitter also installed a Magnum inverter and other Magnum components as part of the purchase.  The up fitter had never worked with Magnum components prior to my purchase and did the installation at my request as part of the sleeper area remodel.  I needed these components installed at the time of purchase so I could get the truck registered as an RV.  After using the truck for a while and inspecting the work of the up fitter related to the Magnum products, I realized I needed to make some improvements.  I upgraded all the wiring and added a separate house battery bank dedicated to the inverter.  The chassis batteries in the truck were just not up to the task of powering the truck and the inverter while traveling.  I also added some additional components that allowed for more battery charging options for the chassis and house battery banks.  These upgrades made the system much more usable and convenient.

Kenworth T2000